As software developers we are encountering and solving issues on a daily basis. Small issues and big issues. And frustrating problems that just don’t make any sense, at least not according to the so-called documentation, if we are lucky enough to have any.

All this is enough to drive us to frequent rants — when things are busted, and raves — when things go better than expected. Indeed there are unexpected moments of delight when someone else has encountered the same problem and already shared a solution, or built a library we can use to overcome it.

It is in that spirit that we at Open Source Consulting write this blog. We wish to share our rants, raves, and especially solutions with you. Perhaps by sharing we can make your job just a little easier, help you make that deadline a little faster. We look forward to reading your comments and learning from you as well.

As we say here in Costa Rica,

Pura Vida!