TECNICA INFORMATION GATHERING Hi all, my next post will be in english DISCLAIMER “Toda la información proporcionada son para fines educativos. En ningún caso alguno se hace responsable de cualquier mal uso de la información. Toda la información son para

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Para que sirve Rsync

¿Por qué usar rsync? RSYNC es una herramienta para transferir archivos de una pc a otra,puede ser de diferente sistema operativo, ademas se puede comprimir,  Lo que esto significa en términos simples es rsync sólo copiará los datos que es

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Hardening de un servidor Apache

Hardening de un servidor Apache ,  Anti GATHERING Hardening de un servidor Apache Gathering es la tecnica utilizada para extraer  informacion sobre un objetivo, desde la ip, sistema operativo, servidores, versiones hasta geolocalizacion, con esta configuracion podemos mitigar y proteger

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The Thin Red Line 

The world of framework, is common find references in the cloud for different scenarios in the development web-applications, many seem to be very practices and simple, however it’s necessary to read before the documentation, so to begin to discern when

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Howto compile apache module mod_example.c on Ubuntu

I need to write an apache module and looked around for a quick start on how to get started developing apache modules under ubuntu. I didn’t find anything 1,2,3, so here’s what I came up with: sudo apt-get install apache2-prefork-dev

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OSC is hiring!

We presently have two open positions for talented web developers. Both positions are in our San Jose, Costa Rica office. We are centrally located on Paseo Colon, walking distance from Parque La Sabana. OSC employees enjoy a collaborative and low-stress

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Bash mass file rename script

Ever run into a situation where you have a bunch of files that need to be renamed to a certain format? I constantly run into this and have been writing a quick bash for loop with a sed expression to

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