Block all outgoing traffic except Tor.

While doing some software development recently I wanted to be certain that the program was only making outbound connections over Tor and not leaking in unexpected ways, eg DNS. Google mostly failed me, so I rolled my own. Cutting to

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SQL select to find UTF-8 chars (non-ascii) in Postgresql database.

I wanted to quickly find strings in a datbase with UTF-8 chars in them to ensure they are being input’ed and displayed properly. I came up with the following two statements that seem to work equivalently: select col from tablename

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Apache Pretty URLs with ?foo=bar parameters.

I recently had the problem that I needed to have pretty urls with get parameters of the form: Where article1 and article2 would each map to the same underlying PHP script, processor.php, and pass it parameters ?article=<id>&page=<pgnum>. I

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automate mysql audit tables with cdc_audit. auto generate, populate, and sync.

Audit tables in a database are useful for several purposes: Recording a history of changes of each row in a table Determining who modified which rows when and how Implementing change data capture, including deleted rows Saving your butt! For

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HOWTO: Setting up shard-query framework environment

HOWTO: Setup shard-query framework environment 1 How to setup shard query environment for Scale out Partition Based parallel Database Systems 1.1 INSTALLING SHARD QUERY 1.2 CHECKING ENVIRONMENT 1.3 PERFORMING A TEST How to setup shard query environment for Scale out

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Installing guide for Hadoop ,Hive ,Derby on linux centos

Installing guide for Hadoop ,Hive ,Derby on linux centos Hi, all.. here in OSC we have been testing different technologies for BIG DATA, sql and non-sql solutions.. So i have this super simple guide, related about to install.. in the

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Mysql Cluster Guide

What is mysql cluster? Web definitions MySQL Cluster is a technology which provides shared-nothing clustering capabilities for the MySQL database management system. It was first included in the production release of MySQL 4.1 in November 2004. …   This

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