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Dan Libby

Upon graduation from Hawaii Pacific University in 1996, Dan began work at Netscape Communications. At Netscape he worked with a joint IBM/Netscape team to develop Netscape Communicator for OS/2. Some of this code lives on in the Mozilla project. He later joined the Netscape Netcenter website team where he worked on several high visibility, highly scaleable projects including My Netscape, The Personal Finance Portfolio Manager, and the My Netscape Network. He was the primary author of the popular RDF Site Summary (RSS) 0.9 and 0.91 XML/RDF specifications. RSS today is the most widely used news syndication format on the internet.

In 1999, Dan left Netscape to join web startup Epinions.com, where he joined several other Netscape veterans to build the world's first aggregator of product reviews written by and for the average consumer. At Epinions, he had the opportunity to work with new technologies including PHP and XML-RPC. Dan wrote an open source XML-RPC library and PHP Extension which were later included in the default distribution of PHP. He also wrote YATS, a high-performance PHP templating mechanism that enables clean separation of code from html.

In early 2001, Dan began consulting privately and in August moved to Costa Rica. Since that time he has been engaged in various long-term contracts involving technologies such as Linux, PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, C#, .NET, and MS SQL Server. Some recent projects coded entirely by Dan include Karmus.com, Videntity.org, and JiffyBill.com. He advocates and supports the use of Free Software and Open Source wherever he goes.

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