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OSC : Open Source Consulting : San Jose, Costa Rica
O.S.C. in a nutshell.

OSC is a consulting company based in Costa Rica, specializing in creating solutions based on Open Source software. We believe in the power of Open Source to provide solutions that are simultaneously cost-effective, useful, and empowering. Open Source is a rising tide in the global economy, and many companies that had not heard of Open Source 3 years ago today have already made the jump, or are seriously considering it. We know that anyone thinking about making the move to Open Source software will have lots of questions, and will encounter problems at some point. We are here to help provide you with answers and solutions.

If your company has IT needs but you are not sure you can maintain the staff for them in house, OSC can help you by setting up a team that will allow you to focus on your core competencies without the need of expanding your IT budget, hiring and training more staff, or dealing with the vagaries of contracts yourself.

We guarantee that we will keep the level of confidentiality you or your company requires. At OSC, we believe in always maintaining a good relationship with our partners.

We are constantly seeking to expand our team of Open Source professionals in Costa Rica. If you are a developer with Open Source experience, we would like to hear from you. Please send us your resume today.

You can contact our business development department at business at osc.co.cr. We look forward to working with you.